Tree Goldie's Gourmet Scones
Goldie's Story

In 1994 Wayne and I opened a unique coffeehouse in Northern Illinois named in remembrance of our daugher Lisa, nicknamed Goldie. Lisa was a vibrant spirit who believed in giving all she had to honor the gifts of life. Goldie's Scones was founded to capture the love and friendship that Lisa's life embodied. And we believe that Goldie's Scones are the essence of the richness and warmth of all that life has to offer.

In 2004, we moved on to the next chapter in the Goldie's legacy, Goldie's Scones Wholesale Baked Goods. Our daughters, Kristen and Kelly have joined in the mission to introduce people to the luxury of an all natural well-made scone.

Goldie's Scones recipes have been passed on for generations and are blended to lock in their moist, wonderful flavor and delicate texture. The heart, soul, and passion of our family lives and shines through in our fresh scones.


In 2013, the company was acquired by Goldies Baking Inc. to expand our operations and gain a wider reach so more people can experience our incredible all natural American baked goods.


Remember, life is a special blend of family, friends and good times.

Denise Gulgren

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